Your time is now

Your time is now

GGI – Available Entirely Online

With more than 3,500 Graduates Worldwide, Global Gospel Institute is an entirely online bible school to help you go from where you are now to your place in ministry.

With Global Gospel Institute you will:

  • Receive unique and empowering teaching.
  • Discover apostolic evangelism.
  • Get hands-on experience to minister where you are or internationally.
  • Available for all believers.
  • Available for pastors, Christian leaders and graduates from Bible seminaries.

Say YES to God’s Call!

YES to be mentored.

YES to be a World Shaker and History Maker!

Dr. Peter Youngren – Visionary and Lead Teacher

A word from Dr. Youngren

The Global Gospel Institute is a one-of-a-kind program that takes a believer from where they are, into a powerful ministry launch. Many feel a stirring of the Holy Spirit, but they wonder how will it happen? The reality is that everyone needs someone to stand with them in their vision. The Global Gospel Institute is birthed out of a vision to mobilize believers for the greatest cause ever; to give every person the opportunity to hear of God’s love, and of Christ’s victory over sin, death and hell.

I look forward to you joining me in this great cause,

Dr. Peter Youngren

to be Mentored!

Course Details
Global Gospel Institute consists of 4 Modules that will equip you to reach your world, and beyond, with the good news of Jesus.

Module 1 - Foundational Gospel Doctrines

(18 lessons)

Theology – the doctrine of God.
Christology – the doctrine of Christ.
Pneumatology – the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and His gifts
Soteriology – the doctrine of Salvation

Module 2 - The Gospel and the World

(15 lessons)

The Gospel and Eastern Religions
The Gospel and Islam
The Gospel and Secularism
The Gospel and Christianity
Understanding the Global Situation
The Gospel Mandate

Module 3 - The Gospel Messenger

(15 lessons)

Apostolic Leadership
General Leadership Principles
International Ministry
Principles of Gospel Preaching

Module 4 - Step Into Destiny

Available for students who have successfully completed parts 1-3.
Includes 2 online lessons, followed by 3 days of Spiritual Empowerment at the World Impact Ministries’ Headquarter in Toronto, Canada [other locations may be announced from time to time], followed by 18 days of international ministry, either a series of church meetings, or a large-scale outreach campaign, often in Africa or Asia.
World Impact Ministries will help organize and facilitate these ministry opportunities. Students will be trained in how to conduct gospel campaigns, discipleship, and how to raise and handle finances.

to be a World Shaker and History Maker!

Course Preview
Check out this free preview from Dr. Peter Youngren in one of his sessions of the Global Gospel Institute.

Peter Youngren [Ph.D.] is the main teacher of each module and he will invite guest lecturers with special areas of expertise to participate in selected lessons. This is a never before offered training where you will gain from Dr. Youngren’s more that 40 years of experience as a pastor and a trend setter in historical apostolic evangelism.

Success Stories
Many have experienced success in reaching the world with the help of Dr. Peter Youngren.
Your story awaits you!